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Club No.0410

Club Night - Monday 1st August at Gosbeck

FunFly and Barbecue

The barbe will be fired up around 6pm for burgers and hotdogs, some cans of pop might be available too.

Come along and enjoy an evening's flying, chat and food.

If you come but don't intend to fly, it might be worth parking by the pond and walking to the flying patch. The parking area might be chock-a-block and some cars did get blocked in last year.

Directions to the field in the members' area.

BBQ and parking area



Sticky Note Board

Sticky Notes and the Event Calendar are gone but should return in Drupal 8 soon

New version of the site being built here - I'm now only putting new posts up on the Drupal 8 site, its still under development but there's no need to duplicate posts now.



Glider Events 2016

Here are the glider events for 2016 as a pdf file, click the image to view/download/print

Bostonian rubber powered models

I've been meaning to build a Bostonian rubber powered model for a couple of years now. My Mis-Trial Legal Eagle is exactly three years old, finished 8th Nov 2012 and flies better every year - do rubber powered balsa models mature? The Bostonian model that most takes my fancy is the Observer by Randy Randolph. I've managed to print the plans at the correct scale, now just to cut some balsa strip with my SLEC balsa stripper and get started.

Bostonian plans available for download here -… - register on the forum to access the plans.

Excellent site with tips on building rubber powered models -

Links to suppliers of indoor model materials etc. are in the Links section.

Indoor flying at Suffolk One - 2015/16 season

Here are the dates for indoor flying at Suffolk One for 2015/16

Date Type
Friday 19th September All indoor R/C
Friday 9th October All indoor R/C
Friday 23rd October All indoor R/C
Friday 30th October Rubber only
Friday 6th November All indoor R/C
Friday 20th November All indoor R/C
Friday 4th December All indoor R/C
Friday 11th December Rubber only
Friday 18th December All indoor R/C
Friday 8th January All indoor R/C
Friday 22nd January All indoor R/C
Friday 5th February All indoor R/C
Friday 26th February Rubber only
Friday 4th March All indoor R/C
Friday 18th March All indoor R/C
Friday 1st April All indoor R/C
Friday 15th April All indoor R/C


Flying times:

All indoor R/C
Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Rubber only
Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Indoor Dates
Issue 2 (22/11/15)
All indoor flying dates as PDF
file click to view/download/print


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