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Club No.0410

Indoor flying at Suffolk One - Friday 17th March 7:30 - 9:30pm

Charging points available but you might want to bring a table if you need one. There are vending machines in the corridor for drinks and snacks.

Flying times 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Adults - £5
Children - £1
Spectators - £1

All fliers need insurance
Please bring your BMFA membership card or other proof of insurance with you.
Guests can be accommodated but will need cover on subsequent visits.

Some video of rubber powered models showing the hall size.

Suffolk One address: Scrivener Drive, Ipswich, IP8 3SU. Parking by the all weather sports area, in the main doors, through double doors by reception desk, left round the vending machines and through another set of double doors in to the hall.

We will split the hall as before - half for shockies, limited to three models flying at any one time. If required the other half may be split in to slots for slow fixed wing, faster fixed wing and rotorary wing aircraft (helicopters, quadcopters, etc.).

Indoor Flying at Woodbridge Community Main Hall - Friday 10th March

Indoor Flying at Woodbridge Community Hall

Non-members and spectators very welcome.
Club members £2.50
Non-members £3.50
Spectators £2.00
Drinks and snacks available.

6.00pm to 7.15pm - Lightweight Rubber powered slow flyers only. Note lightweight construction models should be built and trimmed to fly in circles for endurance and not speed.

7.15pm to 7.30pm - Highly aerobatic Shockies up to 18” wingspan, plus radio controlled, electric powered indoor designs only.

7.30pm to 7.45pm - Helicopters infra-red and radio controlled, electric powered up to 18” rotor diameter.

7.45pm to 8.00pm - Fixed or flapping wing up to 18” wingspan infra-red and radio controlled, electric powered of limited aerobatic ability. Anti-clockwise circuits only.

8.00pm to 8.15pm Lightweight Rubber powered only

From 8.15pm to 10.00pm there will be a repeat of the above sequence. If you have all four types of models you can fly all night if you are up to it!

From 10.00pm to 10.30pm will be testing time for new models by cautious owners or if no time is required for this then whoever wants to fly by mutual agreement.

J3 Cub

Rubber Only Flying at Suffolk One - Friday 24th November

Cost will depend on numbers that attend but should be no more than £10 for flyers, hopefully much less if 10+ rubber flyers can make it that evening. Spectators are welcome at £1 to help spread the cost further.

Non-members that wish to be included in email updates should send an email to so I can add you to my rubber flyer list.

Suffolk One is very similar in size to the hall in the 'Legal Eagle mass launch' in the Video Gallery (scroll down the page to find it)

Time - 7:30 - 9:30pm

Mis-Trial 'Legal Eagle' - free plan

Ikara Carbon Butterfly
Ikara Carbon Butterfly RTF
(available from some of the indoor model
and supplies sellers on the links page)


Indoor flying at Suffolk One - 2016/17 season

Here are the dates for indoor flying at Suffolk One for 2017

Date Type
Friday 6th January All indoor R/C
Friday 20th January Rubber only
Friday 27th January All indoor R/C
Friday 3rd February All indoor R/C
Friday 17th February All indoor R/C
Friday 24th February Rubber only
Friday 3rd March All indoor R/C
Friday 17th March All indoor R/C
Friday 31st March All indoor R/C
Friday 21st April All indoor R/C


Flying times:

All indoor R/C
Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Rubber only
Fridays 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Indoor Dates
Issue 1 (19/09/16)
All indoor flying dates as PDF
file click to view/download/print


Sticky Note Board

Sticky Notes and the Event Calendar are gone but should return in Drupal 8 soon

New version of the site being built here - I'm now only putting new posts up on the Drupal 8 site, its still under development but there's no need to duplicate posts now.



Glider Events 2016

Here are the glider events for 2016 as a pdf file, click the image to view/download/print

Bostonian rubber powered models

I've been meaning to build a Bostonian rubber powered model for a couple of years now. My Mis-Trial Legal Eagle is exactly three years old, finished 8th Nov 2012 and flies better every year - do rubber powered balsa models mature? The Bostonian model that most takes my fancy is the Observer by Randy Randolph. I've managed to print the plans at the correct scale, now just to cut some balsa strip with my SLEC balsa stripper and get started.

Bostonian plans available for download here -… - register on the forum to access the plans.

Excellent site with tips on building rubber powered models -

Links to suppliers of indoor model materials etc. are in the Links section.

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